A step back in progress

30 Mar

It’s been such a busy week between job hunting, writing speeches, and preparing for exams! Why do teachers take everything at a slow and steady pace the first half and then rush to cram everything in the last few weeks?? Haha, I haven’t gotten much of a break to really focus on anything else and it’s pretty much had me sitting on my butt most of the week instead of getting out! Hopefully I’ll get some time this afternoon after checking back at a local restaurant about a job to get my butt to the gym and get a little strength training in at least.

My lunch options in the dorm have dwindled down to bars and this:

As tempting as just grabbing a odwalla or Luna bar was, I opted for the meal which has probably been in my drawer for the past two semesters.. It left so much to be desired…and also resembled something I had fed my dog last week when I was home.. I’ve been staying away from this kind of food and trying to make my meals consist of whole foods but I really didn’t want to have a bar for lunch again. (Of course…an hour later I remembered a sweet potato I picked up Sunday and a cup of my uncle’s chili that I could have thrown together… )

I can’t figure out how this used to be one of my frequent lunches in highschool. I liked it for some reason… I guess it was just a lot better than getting a plain ole salad from the cafeteria with the same and only toppings they had of cheese and ham bits with no dressing. The only time I ever got anything else from there was when they were serving corn nuggets. Love me some corn nuggets. ❤

After one or two nights of doing pretty well, I had a bad binge last night. As a result, I was pretty down today and couldn’t look at my body without disgust. I know I’m at a healthy weight, but I just can’t seem to change how I’m seeing myself in that darn mirror. I let the scale and mirror dictate everything it seems. Normally I would try to burn off some of the calories by going an hour on the elliptical but today I’m just going to take a easy walk on the treadmill combined with some inclines for a bit and 15 minutes on the treadmill. I know if I try to overdo it to make up for it, I’ll just end up binging again and I’ll never have a chance of stoping the viscous cycle.

I’m off to the gym! Hopefully I’ll figure out a topic for my next persuasive fact/value speech while there! My topics due tomorrow and I have yet to come up with anything good. Oops… But in my defence…we were just assigned it yesterday. 😉 I was debating on doing the morality on genetic engineering or something contraversial like that but I’m not really sure I want to go about this speech on morality and immorality. So looks like I’ve still got nothing. Any thoughts? haha

Hope you have a good night and a good day tomorrow! 🙂


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