Back for a sec..

13 Apr

While I’ve been pretty busy, I have had a few chances where I could have gotten on to update. Honestly though…I was a bit scared. I haven’t been much of a success in my attempts of recovery and felt ashamed to come back on here to update.

Today I finished processing for my job. 🙂 I will start work tomorrow and I have to admit I’m terrified. Haha, How will I be a concierge if I really don’t know the town all that well myself? I can’t tell people from experience the best restaurants to take their clients to because I’ve never been able to afford those places. I hope it all goes well.

Me all ready to go get my paperwork done. 🙂
Before heading out, I had my favorite lunch to put me in a decent mood.
Justins chocolate hazelnut butter, bagel thin, and a banana. And quite a few of these throughout the day:

Well I’m off to study some more. In order to keep up full-time, I’ll have to work almost every evening so My studying time has now been severly limited. Only 3 weeks till finals though! Just gotta survive till then.

Hope your week has been good. 🙂 Mine will be busy starting tomorrow!


2 Responses to “Back for a sec..”

  1. Maris (In Good Taste) April 15, 2011 at 4:55 AM #

    Good luck on your finals.

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