No more finals

12 May

At least not for another 2 months. 😉 Today I finished my last final and have everything moved back home. And I have a stove and blender! 😀 Which I used to make this delicious protein smoothie twice today.(I have a small smoothie obsession as of recently after maing my first one a couple days ago…)

It’s amazing how far a cup of almond milk, protein powder, ice, strawberries, and a little xanthan will go. 😉 I made a chocolate topping using Carrie’s from Moves ‘N Munchies recipe for dark chocolate fudgies. ( I might not be able to go a day without one of these anytime soon. )

I wanted to add another goal to my list…and that would be to incorporate more veggies in my diet. When I was losing weight over a year ago, I remember how I couldn’t get enough. I loved every veggie out there. When asked where I would like to eat, I would ask who serves lots of veggies. I absolutly loved going to cracker barrel just to get the veggie plate or Ryan’s buffet. Even though buffets were a fear of mine and I still avoid them, I jumped at any opportunity to go to ryans because I could fill my plate with tons of cooked veggies. Salads full of greens and veggies were a pretty daily thing. Now, however, I rarely get any veggies in. I never crave salads like I used to and sometimes the thought of one isn’t appetizing at all to me.

This was my lame attempt to incorporate veggies in for the day. I had a steamer bag of Green Giant ‘healthy colors’ veggies for a snack before work…and let me just say.. the sauce in this stuff was a huge turnoff. I ate every carrot just because I love cooked carrots but ended up throwing out a good amount of the green beans and clumps of the ‘olive oil sauce’. It certainly wasn’t a simple olive oil sauce because that stuff was thick and not very pretty… Because it’s easy and cheaper, I do like to get the frozen bagged veggies (lots of steamers) but I think I’ll keep sticking to the no sauce or lightly sauced so I can add my own salsa, hummus, or whatever in with them…

Oh and I started on my weight book Monday. 🙂 It’s been over a month since I touched weights and even then I didn’t do much so the burn and pain the past few days have been a very welcome change since it’s just proof somethings working. The workout doesn’t seem like much but it definitely left me in a good deal of pain. The first workout was 2 sets of squats, alternating 45 degree pushups(because I haven’t quite gotten the pushup down yet…) and seated row (2 sets each) and then alternating swissball jackknife (which I subbed in a different exercise for lower abs because I didn’t have a ball, and another exercise I can’t seem to remember at the moment. (Sorry! :P)
Today’s workout B included 2 sets deadlifts, alternating military dumbell press and lat pull down (2 sets), and alternating lunges and swiss ball crunches.

Does anyone else have trouble with deadlifts due to legs? I have long legs making it hard to squat right over it and always ruins my form trying to work around my legs and bring them up over my knees… I know you don’t really squat, but reaching the bar on the ground is difficult because of my legs and back problems I have.


One Response to “No more finals”

  1. movesnmunchies May 12, 2011 at 2:55 AM #

    AH YAY for making my fudgies!!! i loveeee the taste of them!!

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