15 May

Guess what I got in the mail a couple days ago…

I ordered some PB2 not too long ago to try. It lasted two days. Yes..TWO days. I used it in oatmeal, my smoothies, and lots of it just prepared alone or with yogurt. I wouldn’t buy it again however. The taste at first was ok but after a while of it, it just tasted kind of off and further from peanut butter. I’m currently trying to convince myself to pay the high price to get some real peanut flour off a website. (It’s really only around 25$ for the dark and light…but hey, I’m pretty cheap. :P)


Isn’t my unlce’s new puppy so adorable? They named him leo. I’m kind of attached to him now. He fought so hard to follow me and dad home. (I think my dad was even trying to steal him! ) It was pretty amusing because my dad isn’t a pet person so when he gets attached to a dog or cat, it’s pretty cute. He walked around with this pup up and down the street for about 30 minutes. I really thought he had left me and stolen the puppy as well. 🙂 If it wasn’t for my classes and dad working out of town so much, I would have taken one of the pups myself.

Tonight’s dinner wasn’t the prettiest or best tasting.

Another attempt to get more veggies in my diet. I also added a turkey frank I found in the fridge. Dad thinks everything I eat is just odd or disgusting. I guess this combination probably was a bit odd…. Maybe even more so after adding black bean and corn salsa..

It was ok. Without the salsa, it probably would have been thrown out. I even ended up picking out all the asparagus pieces. (Cause I’m classy like that ;P) I don’t mind asparagus but in this steamer meal, they were very squishy and hard to get down…

It feels so weird not having some sort of deadline for classes to be working on. Even my job has been cutting my hours back recently because of the slow month. I need something keeping me busy. It helps a bit with my food problems and such to stay busy.
Shortly I’ll get to talk to my brother though. He’s the main one who started trying to help me and got me to start gaining weight back in the beggining. I haven’t seen him in months while he’s been off at a school required for ranger school. One of his friends called me today about maybe going up to his graduation on the 2nd together so I’m really hoping I can get off work and catch a ride with his buddies. I miss my brother. 🙂
(I’ve also been stealing his shirts in hopes he doesn’t notice it when he gets home…He’s got plenty anyways…)

I’m sure he won’t miss any of his ole miss shirts. ;P He’s got a closet full of them. The only one I’ll have to worry about is his livestrong shirt. hehe… he might notice that one. The advantage of having older siblings. You can steal clothes from them but they can’t from you.

Also…any peanut flour suggestions out there? I’ve found only one website: byrdmill.com


One Response to “PB2”

  1. movesnmunchies May 16, 2011 at 5:30 AM #

    oh i wnt to try pb2! but nothing wil ever compare to pb! ahah i always borrow my bros shirts- so comfy to sleep in!

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