100 degrees??

3 Jun

It is HOT. 5 minutes outside and I’m already sweaty and dizzy. I’m soo ready for summer to be over and it’s only just begun. Already we’ve been over 100 degrees and it’s just the beginning??

I had a big lunch planned of oatmeal made with coconut milk, bananas, and lots of peanut butter but it’s just so darn hot and after being outside for too long, I opted for a salad from subway instead since I was already meeting up with Jason there on his lunch break from drill. I am NEVER getting a salad from subway again. I came away paying 9$ for a salad and some apple slice! Thats ridiculous. They charged me 1.00$ for a scoop of avocado that costs .50 cents on a 6inch sub… But because it’s a salad they charge 1$? And they refuse to cut my veggies! So I’m paying more for someone to make my salad when I end up having to un-make it and cut everything myself!

See that tiny blob of avocado? Yeah…1$. I’m not at all happy about my 9$ salad.. It wasn’t even very good. Leaving me to break out the peanut flour and bananas for this a little later.

I do miss my oatmeal….

Now it’s time for me to clean the house and get everything taken care of that I can’t do during the week because of work. I’m very glad they are finally giving me close to full hours at work but I do miss having more time for everything. Fridays and Saturdays always seem to go so quickly…
I’ve only got 2 hours to get everything done too since Jason’s coming over after drill for the evening. It’s his last night here for the next 3 weeks since he will be leaving for his summer training.



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